Ольбик Александр
Может ли Израиль стать союзником Сирии?

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    За плохой перевод автор глубоко извиняется перед читателями, полагая, что не смотря на это, смысл написанного предельно ясен.

  Yura, I liked the interview with Mr. Magen, who speaks reasonable and balanced things in his tone no aggression, no shapkozakidatelstva that in our time is precious. But I was intrigued by the last question: "How in the current situation, the Israeli authorities have to act?" The issue, and the current throughout the history of this unique state: how should the Israeli authorities to act?. Jura want your name put in the history not only of your country, but in the history of the world? If not against such an outcome, invited the President and the Prime Minister of Israel, is very simple, but on space standards, and only the inevitable decision that, among other things, can be a kind of test of the willingness of the authorities of Israel to the wise steps, I would say, to the final settlement of the conflict between Israel and the others around him, the world. Of course, you know, that can not be peace under the olive trees, if the crop will always collect them al-Qaeda, which is digging in around Israel. Yes, Syria is the worst enemy of Israel, but the Americans were once sworn enemies of the same in Japan ... But it is easy to acquire enemies, more difficult to make friends of them. And here is a case where Syria from hostile state can do for another century ... You ask - how? Jura, my friend divine, you just need to reach out to Assad and offer him their assistance in, Israeli soldiers whose abilities are well known to victory. And let those of your valiant warriors' s throat and pridushat not Assad army, and those who commit terror under the banner of al-Qaeda, which for some idiotic mistake recognize the freedom fighters and the unsurpassed Democrats. And this is not the case. Not so to the evidence. Crushing Al-Qaeda, Syria will be the first and surest friend of Israel, which was required to prove. When another scenario, that is, with the support of (America, the EU and other countries, the bloodthirsty Syrian) of the core al-Qaeda, which has tormented several Middle Eastern countries, peace in the Middle East will never be, in any case, before the destruction of one of the parties - or Israel or the environment, which dreams of Israel dissected into pieces. Why should postpone what can already be radically changed in a positive way all the map of the Middle East? And then the whole world ... I'm perfectly clear here - as in the current situation, the Israeli authorities have to act? Dropping the age-old prejudices, to make peace with Syria and expel al-Qaeda in Syria and hold free elections. I think, grateful Syrians elected head of the state with which you can make friends and build a future not on the hundred-year war, and the eternal world ... Hugs, you, my friend Yura Golan.
   Latvia August 26, 2013

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