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    CUTTING PARALLEL EYES : IRAQ-2003, Syria-2013 .

  CUTTING PARALLEL EYES : IRAQ-2003, Syria-2013 .
  Syria is on the verge of aggression by the U.S. and its NATO partnerov.Tragicheskie lessons of Iraq will not count, ignored all international law , the aggressors are not going to be with the UN.
   USA. The meeting at the White House
   Chapter from the "Nord-Ost" .
   ( 2005 )
   President Bush , perhaps because of their mentality, Texas , was an absolute optimist. He perceived the world in the same sunlight as a child, waking up in a cozy crib . And probably because of excessive enthusiasm, he did not want to hear any objections and draws on the forthcoming invasion of Iraq. Mr. Tenet, the CIA chief often played up to him . He liked the reaction of the president when the latter reported that de Iraq has three laboratories for the development of biological weapons that under Hussein's palace is build atomic bombs , the threat of global terrorism is coming from violent Saddam . That's why Bush was so fond of talking with Tenet and so relied on his argument , allegedly backed by irrefutable intelligence information .
   When entered the room , Condoleezza Rice , Bush , being a gentleman , rose to greet her with a smile and bowed over her hand . But do not kiss , but only touched her wrist chocolate color . This woman was to him the embodiment of team spirit , which , according to the president , but also can promote the prosperity of America. The same opinion was held by it about his deputy , Vice President Cheney , this Gorny but stubborn person by nature . And the fact that Cheney's core ( suffered five heart attacks ) , Bush did not bother . After all men are mortal . About Bush did not think so . But one day, when he watched a baseball game on TV , he fell ill . Suddenly, all eyes darkened, and he is not feeling his body began to fall into the pit ? He , like a drunken cowboy, fell from the saddle. But the president just fell off a soft padded stools . The doctor explained it excessive mental stress , which is under emotional syndrome fan. He advised more rest , which, of course , for his nature was totally unacceptable . The public is Bush abrasions on his face explained simple: they say, was sitting watching TV and munching crisps ... choked . Lost consciousness and fell ... That's all ..
   When entered Powell, Bush stood up and waited for the Secretary of State will come to him for a handshake. They exchanged greetings and smiles. Oval Office , his special "historical " aura and sunny day , to have good humor . It remains only to wait for the head of the CIA , and you can begin to discuss global issues.
   While Bush was reading the report the Minister of Finance, in which the numbers were called costs to the transfer of three aircraft carriers to the Gulf to support the courts , multi-database support , two hundred thousand foot soldiers . " What a power, admired President , and to hell with it, with a billion . Winners are not judged. " And the fact that he will be the winner of the Iraq war , there was no shadow of doubt.
   The President put the report financiers aside and went to the window, looking out onto the north side of the White House. Despite the October eyes opened clean, emerald carpet grove of rhododendrons , roses and oasis lawn mower with the gardener John Foster . This black Joe has worked with his father , Bush Sr., and perhaps will work for another hundred years , so it is strong.
   Bush looked at the blue , not a bright autumn sky, and suddenly remembered that it was the same in the day on September 11 . The president was then in a military helicopter and was heading from Camp David to the White House . It is the same as now, through the window , admiring the drifting under the helicopter green groves , peaceful and lovely views of one-story heart of America when he was approached by pale assistant and served on a tray satellite phone . Called Cheney. And as soon as he died of a broken heart ? And Bush did not believe him . Could it be that the three Boeing - made ​​symbols of America tower in ruins , and the fifth part of the Pentagon's swept off the face of the earth. Brad ! But after the black news confirmed Defence Minister and Secretary of State , Bush realized in what an awful he pleased . He was ready to accept the news of the fall on America asteroid the size of Lake Michigan, but not this. And since then, there has arisen the avenger - ruthless, maniacal serial . He thought of the potential allies and opponents. The latter have been ranked as the French president and the German chancellor . Putin, it is in this black list is not made ​​, considering his companion in misfortune.
   At a meeting at the White House , when there was the first discussion of the resolution on Iraq , which the U.S. had to make to the UN Security Council , Colin Luther Powell - this hero " Desert Storm " - questioned the intelligence that indicated the presence in Iraq of weapons of mass destruction, down to atomic bombs . Not to mention the anthrax bacteria and Ebola . Then Powell, with his characteristic manner to keep his head thrown back a few , asked Tenet :
   - George , your calculations sound pretty scary , but we should know for sure what we're dealing with.
   And then Condoleezza Rice , blinding present his toothy smile, with a slight touch of irony in his voice, asked Colin : " And what are you, Max , you must have proof other than those that are known around the world? Did you even read the newspaper ? "
   But Powell countered :
   - If you believe the newspapers , we have long been living among aliens "flying saucer" every night landing on the White House lawn ... A Loch Ness monster is here behind that door ... If you want, I call it - and Powell tried to get up from their seats.
   Bush did not say a word. He was still standing at the window and did not miss a single word is not in dispute at the table.
   - Please Call, do not cringe - Rice inflated their already full lips . - The fact that the inspectors found nothing, not a fact ...
   - And that fact? - Secretary of State did not let up .
   Cheney stepped in and did it with a smile that seems to be born with it - the mouth , cheeks, nose smile , and his eyes - Alaska .
   - You, Colin , is not right. If we are to each item of our resolution to make the proof , it will be no resolution and the sentence . Yes, and there are undercover data that we have no right to invoke ... Well, not for me to speak to you these truths . You fought against Saddam himself , and you know its worth ...
   - Yes , I know, it's a decent bastard, but then, in 1991 , he did what was required to prove and explore . In his tanks invaded Kuwait and his army , which was immediately fixed the press around the world. Okay, maybe I 'm wrong , and intelligence does have conclusive evidence that Hussein in his kitchen making a nuclear bomb , and that he had run under the bed biological laboratories ... And if these are documented , then I'll pass , raises his hands and keep quiet.
   Finally had to discuss and approve the resolution on Iraq. Condoleezza looking straight at Powell said :
   - I hope Cole, today you will not be stubborn and support the president ?
   - Why not ... You make it sound like I'm the assistant Hussein , not the United States Secretary of State , but that does not stop me come only from facts. There is a fact - have my consent . No facts - I'm against ...
   - Yes, clearly you will not say - Cheney took out a tube of pills. This one was not surprised , vice president of ingested medication every three hours.
   - I am responsible for international affairs and prestige is important to me , the face of my country - said Powell - Tenet also protects the face of his company . I 'm not referring to his oil-refining company , and the CIA ... And here , by the way , and himself, Mr. Tenet !
   In the room at the same time included the Minister of Defense Rumsfeld and CIA Director George Tenet . Bush walked away from the window and greeted the newcomer. Hand signaled them to sit down to the table.
   - And what did you want to ask me? - Tenet smiled , adjusting his unruly hair . He looked like a farmer , dressed in a suit off for a trip to the city. In fact, it was by no means a simple man , well versed not only in matters of intelligence , but in the vicissitudes of domestic politics. More precisely, in the games inhabitants of the White House and the State Department.
   - And now we talk about everything - the president said . - I hope you are all familiar with the new version of the resolution?
   Silence gives consent . The President glanced at Powell and read on his face disagreement . However, Powell never in a hurry and not overtaking . He humbly sat at a table in front of Condoleezza , and his eyes wandered somewhere far , far away. Perhaps as a child , which was not cloudless and full. Detroit , a family scavenger six children , of which " a people " came out just Colin . He - and the pride of the family pet . And it's not just the family, and the whole street Roosevelt , where he lived before joining the Westpoint in the Higher Military School of America.
   - Of course you remember the previous version of the resolution - said Bush - so let's not repeat . Does somebody have comments , objections or clarification? What do you have Condoleezza ?
   - I am in doubt about the expansion of the role of the UN. In the last version of the U.S. reserved the exclusive right to enter the coalition forces in Iraq . Now, their actions , we will have to re- negotiate with the UN.
   - It is compulsory ... tactical move - Cheney shoved deep into his breast pocket handkerchief , match the color of his tie "vice" . - In the 19-member Security Council, and the vast majority of them against the first resolution . So we had to ...
   Bush raised his hand for attention, and the eyes around the audience.
   - This is not a concession , it is a tactical move , but still we will do so as planned . We have members of the Security Council to make it clear that regardless of the outcome of the vote , our troops have somehow come into Iraq .
   Bush looked at Powell , feeling his silent confrontation.
   - And what will our dear Secretary of State ?
   - The resolution, as in the previous one, there is this sentence: " As Iraq possesses weapons of mass destruction and not to co-operate with the international community , the United States reserves the right, without special notice of his action to bring troops with the ultimate goal of eliminating this the country of Saddam Hussein , and its very like a terrorist, put on trial . " - Powell paused .
   - And you, Colin , this phrase does not like it? - Bush said .
   - The same as in the first version : unsubstantiated thesis. I quote: " As Iraq possesses weapons of mass destruction ... " Any member of the Board necessarily seize on this legend. Anyway, both France and Germany ... together with Russia , will certainly take advantage of this . And I , as an officer of our country , I can not under this sign .
   Deathly silence that accompanied the harmless chatter of lawn mowers, coming from the half-open window.
   Everyone understood that some of them wound up dissident . However, it is to no one was new . Bush since the last debate put to the name of Powell fat check , among other things , agreed with Cheney and Rumsfeld , and , of course, with the militant Condoleezza Rice this , excellent vyuchenitsey Professor Brzezinski .
   The first to break the silence ... No, not Bush .
   - Can I ask Colin why you were not so principled when it came to Afghanistan ? Did you then require us to any evidence that would justify our intervention ?
   Powell smiled with his lips . His brown eyes met without calling Condoleezza eyes .
   - My answer is , if you still do not know the difference. Then , after the 11th of September, we were all in a state of stress and humiliation that went through the whole country . And you and I and all of us - Powell , made an eloquent gesture. - And we started bombing Afghanistan , not encroached on its sovereignty. This sovereignty was destroyed by the Taliban. We liberated Afghanistan . It was for our assistance in establishing democratic system . And Iraq - a secular country , which is ruled by the duly elected president . Even if the name of the President Saddam Hussein . He is a very bad boy , but neither you , Condoleezza , nor do I have no right to dismiss him under false pretenses. - Powell looked at Tenet .
   However, the last word Condoleezza wanted to leave behind.
   - If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom can not stand it . And if a house be divided against itself can not stand this house . ( New Testament , Mark, p.121) .
   - You better call it the White House - Powell said , and began to mentally search for an appropriate quote. Found her on the lowest shelf of consciousness , remembering Ecclesiastes and quoted : - " If thou blow the spark, it will flare up , and if you spit on it shall be put out : and both these come out of your mouth ... "
   Condoleezza confused, breathed deeply and did not know what to say.
   " Outside - Elena , inside - Hecuba " - thought about it Powell.
   - I do not know what you're talking about here - Bush uttered - but Baghdad with his evil regime must fall .
   And Powell immediately , recalled the Roman senator Cato , a solid one and the same : " Carthage must be destroyed!" And the secretary of state wanted to remind you about the President and added that Cato had his way , and Carthage was destroyed along with half of its residents.
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