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The Americans offered to hold a gas attack ...

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   The Americans offered to hold a gas attack ...
  (Head of the novel "Nord-Ost",Latvia,2005)
  Putin had to decide where to meet Americans - in the Kremlin or in the operational headquarters . Voloshin , as usual, talkative and offers a meeting in the Kremlin. The Kremlin is his element .
  - Do not want to see some people have of our rabid create the impression that the president of Russia Vasya Vasya with the Americans. - Looking at Voloshin , Putin said. - Moreover , the Headquarters strategy defines the release of hostages , and the Kremlin ... You know , Americans perceive it as a travel path that is still haunting specter of communism.
  - Then I order checkout - chief of staff looked at the grandfather clock . - When you want to go to DubrovkA ?
  - Order does not need anything , tell only Fomenko and Odintsov . We'll take your car.
  - But this is not safe , and ...
  Putin, however, did not let him finish his sentence .
  - Not a bit more dangerous than the nightmare that is now going through the captured people .
  - But , Vladimir Vladimirovich. , The protocol is protocol , I did not come up to me and do not change .
  - And who is the president and commander in chief ? - Putin was smiling because his rule - not a word , not even a hint in vain not to show any of his presidential team epaulettes . - I'll get changed , the street is damp and rain , and you, Alexander Stalyevich better tell me - how do you think the Americans ? You talk to them ?
  - He said . One , if I remember correctly , John Ryan of Yale Uni , a chemist , and the second Davis Kerman is the Bush administration.
  - Something I'm on such representative does not know - Putin went to the rest room .
  Voloshin shrugged and opened the door , went to the president , said loudly :
  - Yes, they are all from the same office , which is located at Langley. Spies want to sniff out how to operate in the Russian secret services of this kind of emergency.
  Soon came out dressed in a dark cloak Putin , and as if continuing a conversation , reacted to the words Voloshin :
  - For us it is that shaving that swifts . It is important that they are going to tell us. And rather than help. And we will draw a conclusion from this , whether they are experts on the steep part of the taming of terrorists. Well, I'm ready, Alexander Stalyevich , and you?
  - I now wear a coat and back. And what about the communicators ? They are with us or ...
  - You have a number of seats in the car ?
  - Six , but you know the Guinness World Record when " Cossack " pick thirteen people.
  - Well, well , let us go .
  And while Voloshin went to his office to wear coats, Putin turned on the TV and the first person he saw on the screen was Patrushev, who is making the statement: " The operational headquarters that works and gets valuable information , acts confidently , firmly and resolutely , with clearly predicts the actions that will build from the instructions that are given by the President . first and foremost, this concerns the safety of our citizens , who are currently being held hostage . "
  " Good for you, Nicola , - said the words ahead Patrushev president - all said and did not say anything . But so be it , at least right now . Firmly and confidently say , and perhaps for that he has every reason to ... Well , let's see what valuable information you poraduesh its president ... "
  Voloshin came in and they went to the elevator. There they were waiting for the guards and two " communicator " who are responsible for the so-called "nuclear case ." Fomenko, in the form of Putin , as always, saluted and even clicking his heels .
  - Herr President , Guard unprepared for the attack on the scum entrenched in the halls of the Palace of Arts. - When the sash lift opened , Fomenko , continuing to play the fool , made ​​a hand gesture inviting - say , please , sit down , the coach filed.
  Putin fun without any emotion guard grunted
  - I, too, Nikulin, found time to scoff .
  - And when the joke yet ? - Suddenly became serious security guard . - It's about time , but not the anger , you can start to bite.
  - And you do not get mad . Remember , my son, our cause is just , and we shall bend the rails . Anyway , so would necessarily say Storm .
  In the elevator, rode in silence . And in the car no one spoke , everyone was busy with his own thoughts. The President thought about the interview and how , with what came to Moscow envoys Bush .
  However, to get to DC was not so simple : at every step of the car was stopped by men in uniforms and carrying automatic weapons . On Krutitsk shaft occurred a curious case : the gunmen stopped a car approached Major traffic police and asked to see the documents at the same time bending over and peered into the cabin . And when I saw the wheel Fomenko , immediately recoiled . If he had seen the devil in the flesh. He saluted , and in a trembling voice spoke : " Excuse me , comrade president , did not expect to see you here on this ... in that car .. " " And what , Major, bad car? - Valyaya Vanka - asked the security guard - 280 horsepower , six seconds, accelerates to 120 ... What is bad? " " Not in this case , Vladimir Vladimirovich. , - Quite upset major - just strange to see you without accompaniment ... Now is the time ..." " And you, brave knights road , what are waiting for? - Stuck to his guns Fomenko - I hope no one is more dark little soul is not proshmygnet in Moscow ... "
  When the car started , Putin said from the back seat clowning Fomenko
  - Well, that , Pasha, can you yourself will deal with the Americans , and I 'm going back to sleep tends something ...
  - Well, what do you , Vladimir Vladimirovich. , It's a joke. And the nice cop with the president of a chat and I cheer you protect.
  - A bust ? See me , Pasha . Such brisk eagles, like you, at other times , in other countries are very eager for the palace coups .
  - Me , Vladimir Vladimirovich. , Another surprise - as with so many of these militia guys from Gudermes can slip almost into the heart of the city?
  Putin took the guard's words seriously :
  - Did you see what a major stomach? Well , tell me, with such bodily twists can be vigilant and zealous executor of his debt ? - Putin said in a tone that did not mean the answer. And Fomenko realized this and more up to the Culture House did not say a word.
  Voloshin, too, was silent , his thoughts were on the other - this is already the third day he shoots through the pain in the left side of the head . The doctor said that this is a consequence of or exacerbation of degenerative disc disease or overwork .
  Both silent and " communicator " , and between them , as if there was that notorious "nuclear case " , which became an integral part of the president's life.
   Especially carefully checked documents of the Veterans Hospital , which housed the operational headquarters . The building is almost very close to the recreation center and therefore the Protection of measures were unprecedented . Even Fomenko was not joking . Here they publicans to people from the FSB , which was led by the captain, with a noticeable lean red stubble on his cheeks . And even when Fomenko said that President Putin in the car , it was ignored . And was told to pull over to the curb . Voloshin even had to call to headquarters , where a minute ran Shoigu presidential aide Sergei Yastrzhembsky and Colonel Nefedov . But to the surprise and delight of the president, they also had no effect on the red-headed stubborn .
  - I beg to move - an implacable voice spoke captain - I have an order without exception check . - He bent down and looked into the room, - I ask everyone to leave , we will inspect the cabin. And you, - he said to Fomenko , open the trunk.
  At this time, another feesbeshnik with a large mirror inspecting the bottom of the Kremlin's " Mercedes " . Voloshin , communications and the president came out on the wet pavement , have joined together Shoigu and headed to the headquarters.
  - Red-tape-monger - with some reproach in his voice, said Shoigu. - In any such arrangements, or vip- persons do not work.
  - The normal course , - said Deputy Prime Minister Putin . - I'm here Patrushev announced to the captain of gratitude for vigilance. More to these guys would not have this mess ...
  They walked the corridors and turned into the office (by the way , located in the far wing of the hospital from DK ) , who held the chief doctor of emergency . Then it was planned to hold a meeting .
  Going to narrow composition: Patrushev with his deputy for operations Petrov , Nefedov , Gryzlov , his deputy Vasiliev , who came on the eve of the backwater of a Petrakov and Sergei Shoigu , without which , it seems difficult to imagine Russia during earthquakes , hurricanes and other natural and man-made misfortunes .
  When Putin came accompanied by Voloshin , all present stood up and greeted the president. Voloshin then presented to the audience of the Americans before the meeting Putin spoke close range . The task easier is that guests expressed themselves well in Russian , and if it is difficult, Putin inserted English words.
  The meeting was opened Patrushev . Reported on recent developments related to the capture of the DC. We are talking about another killed by the FSB. The day before, in the guise of a parent of one of the hostages, the detective walked into the lobby, where he was met by the militants . Two people in masks approached him and searched , and then brought to the young in the black hat , but a man without a mask . On the lean cheeks terrorist was black bristle , his eyes were tired, his whole appearance resembled ruffled condor . This man is a bird, almost without moving his lips , he asked his son what's the name ? And after an undercover officer called the name of the other gunman , wearing a mask , walked onto the stage and loudly shouted : "Who is Gavrilov ? If this is, immediately go up! " However, no one on the call of the terrorist did not respond . And he went back to the lobby and going up to the leader, shook his head. In this case, did not say a single word.
  - You - you bastard - said the leader , snapped his fingers in the direction of lzheroditelya . This was the verdict.
  Man, and he was only 37 years old, was taken to the toilets and there was shot.
  - So , the exposure is unknown invaders ? - Without looking at Patrushev , the President asked .
  - More specifically , not fully known, but it 's something we found out - FSB Director briefed about the raid group Petrova in DC . Reported with the murder of a young boy , who suffered a nervous breakdown.
  Putin looked at Petrov.
  - What is your impression of the atmosphere that prevails among the hostages ?
  - You know , Comrade President , the impression is twofold . At first glance, people behave as if hypnotized . Well , well, what can you do, sit down , a little shaking happen , we will still be saved. Otherwise I would not have such peace of mind . On the other hand, some of the hostages , especially women, are not maintained . The mother died and this guy , I'm sure the stress that provoked a chronic disease.
  - But if this guy managed to get to the belt, which was a woman , the situation at this moment , perhaps, would be quite different - suggested Gryzlov .
  I agree with Boris Gryzlov, - boomed backwater - but on one condition : if the belt on the woman really was a suicide bomber's belt . And this while we have no absolute certainty .
  - They came with belts packed with explosives , armed to the teeth, and we have to believe them - not their intention to imitation. - Patrushev said .
  - What conclusions , Nikolai Rakhmanov , we should do ? - The president asked .
  - First, taken hostage more than seven hundred civilians , which in itself is a crime against humanity. Secondly , the militants are not going to constructive negotiations and all the while making new conditions ... The militants obsession : that we are within 48 hours withdrew its troops from Chechnya , creating a vacuum that can take the extremist forces . I am not a politician , but as a citizen of Russia , I think the terrorists dictate unacceptable for us , and as the director of force structure , ready to take all measures for the release of the hostages.
  Putin took the floor . After saying a few words to the international terrorism , he looked toward the Americans.
  - Friends, I would like you to introduce our guests : Mr. John Ryan , chemist at Yale University, USA, and Mr. Davis Kerman , a representative of the President of the United States. These gentlemen came to us on behalf of Mr. Bush to provide all possible , consulting assistance in overcoming the situation.
  Americans nods his head. Then Putin promised Davis Kerman .
  - Our president is very concerned about what has happened in Moscow and expresses its heartfelt sympathy to Russian people and the Russian president . And Mr. Bush is confident in the reliability of our alliance against international terrorism - Kerman paused, apparently comprehending spoken in Russian , and continued. - But we did not come here empty-handed ... However, it 's better to tell my colleague John .
  John Ryan - pretty stout gray-haired man in glasses with a very thin , almost invisible frames.
  - I am a scientist and I can only help at this point - began a guest. - I brought with me developed in our university laboratory drug that already has a certificate and is prescribed for use in medical institutions of America. It is an anesthetic gas formulation, which, acting on the autonomic centers of irritation , resulting in the patient's state of sedation . The man 's just sleeping . And if that operation , he was not hurt, he even sees beautiful dreams , and many subjects have told me that they were disappointed when they returned to the real world . No wonder this drug is called "Beyond the illusion" ... In Russian it seems , is this: above the limits of illusion ...
  - Outside of illusions - corrected American president .
  - Perhaps , perhaps - Ryan nodded .
  Putin immediately thought, " Something this guy overdo . Such states are illusory and after drug addicts also do not want to come back to reality ... " The president looked at the audience and saw the confusion on their faces .
  - Would you, Mr. Ryan , we explain - how and why your product can be used ? - Asked Putin .
  A scientist at the words looked up in surprise at his fellow countryman , sitting to his left.
  - I thought - threw up his hands helplessly American - an issue that has already been agreed with you. - He forced a smile and leaned to Kerman , something that said in English . Kerman , alert , looked at Putin , on the other , and also stood up .
  - I see that the declaration of my colleagues has been controversial . Before you take off for Moscow, we got together : President Bush , Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld , CIA Director Tenet and other officials of America. There were analysts from the NSA , which have exclusive information about this terrorist act . Believe me, the U.S. is interested to this incident pass without great bloodshed and senseless victims . But we do not see how it can be avoided . According to our data, the terrorists will not compromise , but we also know that Mr. Putin will not compromise with terrorists. So , somewhere, must be the center of ... Oblong gold ... And we brought it to you - the use of the drug leads to a painless shutdown of consciousness on the part of terrorists and hostages. - Kerman looked at all those present and concluded: - The same opinion is shared by our president .
  There was silence . Everyone was in the language of one and the same question: " Is it possible that Russia does not have a similar tool ? " And Putin , as if hearing their thoughts , said:
  - Thank you, sir, for the clarification of Kerman . I am very pleased to know that in the United States understand our problem and of myself and the people of Russia , I thank Mr. Bush for his support and look forward to further cooperation. However, I would like to say that such a question ... question put to sleep or use of chemical agents has already been considered by the Staff - Putin was bluffing , knowing that such assistance from the Americans, especially if he will take advantage of its aura of " success " of the president may be dimmed . In addition, Russia has enough of its scientists . He went on: - Everything will depend on the terrorists themselves - their life is in their hands. Freedom of them - in the hands of law-enforcement bodies of Russia . Terrorists must unconditionally surrender ... I emphasize - to surrender, not to depart from their caves in the world , as it was after the events in Budennovsk or Pervomay and surrender to the authorities . But putting it to them no alternative condition , we must take into account the unpredictability of the situation. - Putin paused . - We are , of course, need to think about this scenario , where the hostages are alive and remain will be the terrorists behind bars.
  After meeting Putin for a few minutes at ease talking to the Americans. He smiled and spoke more in English . Guests also smiled and tried to speak in Russian . Then there was a tea party with cookies and cheesecake , after which the guests departed , accompanied by Yastrzhembskiy to the U.S. Embassy .
  However, on this issue , " sleeping pills and terrorism" has not ended. Upon his return to the Kremlin , Putin asked Voloshin contact with the Ministry of Health and to invite the Minister of Shevchenko. What the Americans said was not new . A similar proposal was made by analysts FSB. This was reported to the president Patrushev . And it was a day before the arrival of the Americans. What is more important - if the views of the two parties most affected by terrorism coincide , in that sentence made ​​sense.
  When Shevchenko arrived , Putin asked:
  - You said something about that name ...

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