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Kremlin . Late in the evening on October 25. Putin to check the effect of the gas itself

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  Kremlin . Late in the evening on October 25.
  Putin to check the effect of the gas itself
  Upon his return to the Kremlin , he asked the Tishkov - did not deliver a package from Patrushev ? He asked for the pro forma , for he was one hundred percent sure that Patrushev words in the wind drops .
  - Box in the waiting room ... Bring ?
  - Yes, please, Leo E. , look what they have pleased us .
  In the box , sealed with adhesive tape, there was a small balloon -like carbon dioxide fire extinguisher . At the bottom of the box , he found the instruction " How to use non-lethal weapons " Bergamot . " Flammable , do not keep close to the open fire, pressure - 2 atmosphere using to unscrew the protective cap and attach a monitor that was in the package. "
  Instructions from Putin understood that " Bergamot " does not look like the proverbial " Cheryomukha " and acts as a powerful sedative. But there are serious contraindications - all kinds of allergic diseases. Especially , it is contraindicated for people suffering from atopic asthma , acute bronchitis and coronary heart disease. " But this is a huge minus ... All those in captivity , the diagnosis does not deliver , and do not ask me , what people are sick and which one has an allergic reaction" - Doubts literally pull the rug from under the feet of Putin , binds to the "chemistry " version rescue the hostages. " But is there another way out ? While I do not see it , because I do not believe that they will give up and lay down their arms . That leaves two options: either the assault and the possible disruption of terrorist DC together with the people , or the " Bergamot " from which someone might just pochihaet , and someone might die ... "- This word is crossed out all his plans. He had something to oppose . He recalled that Shevchenko spoke of antidotes , but again the hostages during the application of the " Bergamot " they will not be available . Later, in the hospital they will get it , but you need to consider the time factor.
  He thought about his father Alexia - Do not go to him for a blessing ? - But remembering that the patriarch is not very healthy, he has risen blood pressure, Putin decided not to disturb him . The president recalled read about Napoleon , the place where the Emperor arrives at a solemn Mass at Notre Dame on the occasion of the Peace of Amiens . And he said: " I was present at her with a condition not to kiss Eucharist and do not participate in other trifles , exposing to ridicule the reasonable person ... " And Putin caught myself thinking that it is very similar feelings he experienced when the protocol required his presence on conciliar meetings. but, but, but ... he could repeat the words of Bonaparte : " As a man , I do not know the answer to that question. But as First Consul know well : the people without religion - a pathetic ship without a compass. And there will be examples to the great state could exist without the altars. Without religion a man walks in darkness . Once she shows him his start and the end. Christ is useful to the state ... "
  "Today, no one would help me - thought the president - with this I have to do it alone , and if you like fate , alone win or fall ... "
  Putin ... unscrewed the cap and instead monitor attached to the nipple . Set the bench mark on the figure of twelve. It takes so many meters bathroom, which is next to the lounge , located behind a wall cabinet.
  Taking the can , he went with him to the door leading into the adjoining room and , after standing near shelves of books , went to the bathroom. There, all shone with tiles and nickel. It smelled some deodorant and it thought the president can prevent identify " Bergamot " with its apple scent.
  Putting the can on the shelf , he went out and came back with a chair , and sat down on that . Then put the can on his lap. And so it sat a few minutes. And when his hand was wrapped around the "star " of valve, and was ready to turn it counter -clockwise to the head knocked thought , "This is childish ... What am I doing? Decayed and no one here till morning ... We must find at least Tishkov warn ... " and again he came out of the bathroom , walked into the office and picked up his cell phone. Accumulated room assistant :
  - E. Leo , you still awake? I have to ask you - in ten minutes Please come back to me and if I 'm going to sleep , wake up ... And if I do not wake up , pour water on your face ...
  After these words , he went back into the bathroom and shut the tight door behind him. He sat down on a chair with a balloon and , leaning his back , paused , as if to leap into the abyss. "What do you want to prove it ? - He asked himself . - What are all noble , above all mortals? But this does not happen . Above " the most the most " there is always another " is the most " ... No, not in this case , all much easier if people suffer in DC , and even more so if many will die because of this damn thing , my whole life will lose meaning. so I gave birth to my mother and I can not ... But on the other hand, the commanding officer, sending a soldier to death must be sure that his death pays off immeasurably large number of saved lives ... Sailors , closing a recess bunker and saved the platoon ... and it was a platoon , which freed the village that day . Without these people there would be no victory .. . Maybe I 'm afraid of death? its all fear . but there is something else that pushes fear into second place. 's my duty ... And I have to do it , but without sacrificing either myself or others. Zadachka , of course, not simple , but today I have to solve it ... "
  Putin put his fingers yellow star valve and gently spun counterclockwise . He moved easily , and the president did not hear a hissing or any other sounds. The gas coming out of the tube quietly , and soon Putin felt the distinct smell of ripe apples. And after a few moments, he felt invincible desire to sleep . But somewhere , beyond the limits given in his consciousness , he distinctly heard a voice say , " Hold on , focus on what you are most expensive and do not let out of sight. " And the burgeoning of multi-colored flickering in his eyes catch a glimpse of the image - a way of Andrei Alekseevich Storm , who was standing on a high cliff . The sun was rising ... " I can take it - as if answering mentor , said the president himself . - I'm focused , I see the whole world and so clear that no effort is required. " He dreamed card resembles that used by meteorologists on TV telling about the weather. Neohvatnaya gaze was part of the land , whose name is Russian . It was a vision , a copy of the imaginary picture, which appeared to him as he climbed the ladder to the rock during an operation in Rotten pit. And just as then, he felt an indescribable feeling of delight . " Pull yourself together . " And the great effort he razmezhil ever and the first thing he saw was a balloon , lying on her lap. And it looked like a daisy yellow ventilek and President aloud (or maybe it just seemed to him ) said : "I see a balloon that is on my lap , so I went out ... or rather , I have not gone ... thank you Andrew A. ... "
  But when he tried to stand , his legs refused. Trying not to lose consciousness, he rested his hand on the edge of the tub and stood still .
  Putin took a step toward the door , but again began to settle on a chair. " No way , " - said his second "I" . Consciousness is beginning to fade again . But it is in these moments before it came face Lyudmila Alexandrovna , who was walking towards. And her eyes shone with Katie . Daughter was in her blue jacket and red beret that so it went well. "I've got the hell ! And, indeed, he regained his balance, thus naming aloud those things that it fixed the opinion : " The Bath , shelf , mirror , faucets , tiles . Now I get out of here ... I control myself , then I'm fine ! "
  The door suddenly opened, and its opening to outline a solid figure Tishkov . Each of them was surprised to see each other's face . Tishkov was presented to Putin frightened and confused , Putin Tishkov - deathly pale, with dimmed eyes and prikushennoy lower lip .
  - Vladimir Vladimirovich , what's wrong? I'll call the doctor. Tishkov , held out his hand to help the president.
  - Do not, I'll ... And you can not be here . - Putin hand Tishkov blocked the road. - Do you have asthma , it could end badly ... - The president stepped over the threshold of the door pushing assistant. He wanted to close the door , but the hand was naughty and did not obey the command. - Shut the door - he whispered. - There can not be you , I 'll make it myself ...
  Tishkov felt the apple flavor, and throat immediately arose ball, making it difficult to swallow. It had an allergic reaction to the remains of " Bergamot " ...
  - Do not worry, I 'll close . - Tishkov saw lying on a chair balloon . And before you enter the bathroom, on the desk in the office of the president of his attention was drawn to Instructions for Use " Bergamot " . It told him a lot ...
  Tishkov covered coughing and he quick movement out of his pocket , " Berloteks " - anti-asthma inhaler and holding her breath in the mouth vsprysnul two doses of the drug.
  Putin , when he found himself in the break room , came up to barchik and pulled out a bottle of mineral water.
  - Open - he said Tishkov , have already begun to feel the effect of " Berloteksa ."
  - Vladimir Vladimirovich , try my facility , it is anti-allergic . I assure you will not be worse - and the assistant handed the president his inhaler.
  - How to use it? - The president asked .
  - Hold your breath and press click here ... Abruptly , twice ...
  Sweetly - bitter spray splashed into heaven, and larynx. Within a few seconds, he felt that it became easier to breathe .
  Tishkov , polfuzhera pouring mineral water and handed it to the President . But Putin did not drink immediately . First poured into the palm and wet his face. Do this a few times .
  - Can still call the doctor ? - Tishkov sat next to the president . He took his hand to listen to the pulse. - I'm not a doctor, but when it happens to me, I drink fifty grams ...
  - You got me today , to heal - the president was trying to make a joke . - However , take in Bartschik " Moscow " and taken his glasses.
  When Tishkov fulfilled the request of the president, and he drank one hundred grams , of the office heard the phone calls.
  - I 'm going - said Tishkov .
  Putin felt much better. It is no longer potashnivat , the feeling of tension, and he even wanted to have. Hot , the richness of Ukrainian borscht , which is so beautifully prepared Lyudmila .
  Returned Tishkov said he was calling Patrushev .
  - How's it going? - Putin asked , he felt that he was out for ages , but have not yet passed and fifteen minutes after the start of the " experiment ."
  - Judging by the voice Patrushev , the tension builds .
  Meanwhile, the events surrounding the DC developed with the swiftness of debris flow . When the negotiator ( the fourth in a row) started talking about the lives of the hostages and urged terrorists to surrender , their leader said: "We will do it right away, as soon as the last soldier leaves Ichkeria ... And this should be done no later than tomorrow morning ... If this does not happen , we will go to extreme measures . " The negotiator said this , that, well , it is impossible in such a short time to withdraw troops and equipment . But this argument was rejected by Movsar Garaevym : " If they were that easy to enter , print - what 's the problem ? It depends on your government. If it accepts , then we can leave tomorrow if it does not do anything , we have to ... " added the ringleader of one of the women who are near ," we do stop at nothing ... " And she echoed the one that later would be called an Arab : " we do not stop to anyone . we are on the path of Allah. If we die here, it's not all , we are many , this will go on ... "" You are young, you should live - playing for time negotiator - anyone can die , but live according to human laws ... "" You throw your campaign , - re- entered the conversation Garaev - until five in the morning if you do not begin the withdrawal of troops under international control, we begin to shoot. And if you want your special forces intervene blow all that there is . "
  After listening to this conversation , Patrushev said Gryzlov :
  - I think this guy this time was not bluffing.
  - So , we can only use plan " Armageddon" is canceled . " Personally, I do not see any other way out .
  - Me too. But , you know what I'm worried about ... - Patrushev hesitated. - The President has asked me to give him a can of gas, which we expect in the case of what to apply. I do not wonder whether it is to try it for yourself ! ? Especially because I just called him , but did not get through .
  - And he is able to do - agreed Gryzlov . - And it can be understood - in which case we're not going to answer , and the president . I mean moral responsibility .
  - So what are we waiting for? - Patrushev rose from his chair . - Relocate to the Kremlin , maybe there should be sent " urgent care ."
  - Let's go - agreed Gryzlov . - At the same time will make the final decision.
  It was twenty minutes past midnight when they entered the territory of the Kremlin. Security, knowing them in person, however, carefully checked the certificate , after which they passed through the magnetic arch.
  Strange impression produced by Gryzlov deserted corridors: thought behind every door live the spirits of the past - from the leader of the revolution and ending with Yeltsin. Their footsteps conceal the carpet and it is also emphasized as a mysterious corridors of the Kremlin .
  When they entered the reception , the clock struck half-past twelve . Two bodyguards of President -Fomenko with Odinets - went up and greeted the newcomer. Tishkov out from behind his desk .
  - That, too, do not sleep , Leo E. ? - Asked him Patrushev . - The President in place?
  - Who 'll report - and Tishkov notified Putin's recent visit.
  "Strange in his face - thought Patrushev , when they entered the study Putin. - It seems as if not slept for a week .... "
  We Gryzlov also in this regard there were some associations .
   Putin greeted them by the hand - whatever you say, came the next day.
  - What's new ? - The president asked . - How to negotiate - or go waddle ?
  - Standing on the site , but now , it seems , are beginning to gain a mad move - Patrushev said . - They set us an ultimatum : at five o'clock in the morning we have to start withdrawing troops from Chechnya.
  - And, it must be done under international control - said Gryzlov .
  For a while, pondering Putin said . His health was not beyond reproach. At times, attracted waves of nausea , but then retreating. Tishkov brewed strong tea , and the president , after drinking two cups , felt more cheerful.
  - How much did you say they gave us time to think ? - Putin looked at the clock. - It remains to four and a half hours. Not greasy.
  - That is why we have taken some measures - Patrushev said .
  - What's that?
  - Start of work and a special unit of the group is already occupied approaches to the DC. The other part is now routed through the underground passage and forty minutes will be located in the one point where the first scene was shot . The Group will establish additional equipment , prepare a special means of transportation channels , well, everything else . Will only give the go-ahead , and the operation will begin.
  - Well, they write his biography - the president said thoughtfully , as if responding to some of his arguments . - And yet ... how much time we have not left , used it to persuasion . And you heard right : I said - the entreaties . Do everything to DC did not fraternal cemetery , for any outcome other than their surrender would be fatal for many people. And not just for terrorists. - The President stood up and went to the rest room .
  He soon returned , carrying in one hand and a can . Put it on the table, and Patrushev , has been detected on the valve seals, understood. Apparently , it is understood and Gryzlov , for his cheeks were flushed and he was staring at the object lying before them .
  - This thing is , I believe, can help us, but it is better to trust in your medicine. I am you, Nikolai Rakhmanov , I beg you urgently contact Shevchenko and let him dispose of the drug about "Nirvana " ...
  Patrushev glanced at his watch. The President understood his concern :
  - I do not think he sleeps, and if asleep, lift up and let him wake of his chief anesthesiologist. Together they will introduce your people into the swing of things ... Do doctors have the poison , but there is an antidote , so we will work with their chemistry. - The President made ​​a reservation - If , of course, will secure such a need , and we will have to resort to it . And please send me the commander of a special group , which in the case of failure of the negotiations will start operation to free the hostages.
  - This is an experienced officer , participated in similar operations , but , unfortunately, to meet with him is impossible. He was with a group at work.
  - What's his name?
  - Alexander Platt, thirty-seven years , his wife , two children , so reckless actions on his part excluded . - This is what we need . Now folly has become something fashionable and for him even picked the name - extreme . Psychology of risk, as entertainment, penetrates all spheres of public and takes possession of the minds . - Putin paused, as if deciding - to continue the conversation or not. He said : - Terrorism - too extreme in its final phase. But that's another story . I'll be here , and no matter how the events unfolded , immediately put me on notice - in the words of the president sounded harsh tone.

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